Power Generation: Condenser-Exhauster, Condenser Venting, Fly Ash Conveying, Bag House, Flue Gas Desulfurization, Fluidizing, Pneumatic



Truck and Transport Blowers: Vacuum Trucks, Potholing, Daylighting, Pneumatic Conveying, Loading/Off-Loading


Cement and Lime Plants: Blowers for Lime Kilns, Blending, Pneumatic Conveying, Air Slides. Vane compressors for Pneumatic Conveying, Air



Mining: Coal Washing, Drying, Vacuum Filtration / Disc Filtering


Oil & Gas: Gas Boosting, Sulfur Recovery, Hydrogen Generation. Waste oil processing, re-refining. Nitrogen plants


Chemical: Vacuum Distillation, vacuum drying


Pharmaceutical: Drying, Evaporation, Vapor Recovery, House Vacuum


Electronics/Semiconductor: House Vacuum, Tool Vacuum, PUPs


Pulp & Paper: Headbox, Forming, Drying, Reeling/Winding


Metallurgy: Mixed Gas Boosting, Vacuum Arc Refining, Vacuum Smelting, Vacuum Furnace, Electro-Slag Remelt


Municipal/Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Aeration, Bio-Gas, Digester Gas, Filter Backwash


Food/Beverage: Evaporation, De-aeration, Dehydration, Packaging, Vacuum Cooling