Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Up to 21,000 CFM (36,000 m3/hour)







SWAM Pneumatics Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps


–   Precision castings and machining eliminate need for body gasketing

–   Impellers axially locked to shaft to maintain clearances at both ends – clearance maintained by bearing spacers,

     makes easy & quick re-assembly

–   360-degree reinforcing ring for greater strength

–   Replaceable end plates


SWAM SVL Series LR Vacuum Pumps and Systems up to 21,000 CFM (36,000 m3;/hour)


Single-Stage and Two-Stage Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps


Bare-shaft, complete pump, LR systems


Equivalents for Nash 2BE1 Nash 2BE3, Nash 2BE4, Nash 2BE5, Nash CL, Nash 904, Nash 905, Nash P2620, Nash Vectra GL,

Nash Vectra XL, Nash Vectra SX pumps


Atlas Copco AWS single-stage, AWD two-stage, AWL


Condenser-Exhauster Vacuum Systems for steam turbines from 20MW to 1000mw


SWAM SVLC series:  SVLC-100, SVLC-150, SVLC-250, SVLC-350, SVLC-450, SVLC-550


Size Range:  5 SCFM TO 55 SCFM


Vacuum Range:  0.5 inches HgA


Condenser Hogging, Condenser Holding, Water-Box Vacuum, Water-Box Priming, Steam-Side Evacuation, Condenser

air extraction


Equivalent to Dekker AquaSeal, Maxima-K, Titan


Equivalent to Gardner-Denver Nash (GD Nash)